Casting crowns,

Lifting hands

And bowing hearts

Was what each being did.

Generation after generation,

All had their heads bowed.

Young and old,

Living and dead

Without exclusion

All gathered giving praise.


We danced in joy,

No longer coy

For we had been purified

So that He was glorified.

It was our hearts’ obsession,

Where only in His love

Our souls were satisfied.


I watched in fascination

As my wildest imagination

Came to reality

As beings of every kind

Glorified His name

With magically melodious voices

And with none concerned

Of what the rest would say

But only seeking His approval.

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I was stupefied

As all began crumbling.

Darkness arose

Creature against creature,

Sun against the moon,

Clouds against the sky,

And man against man.

Terror filled

But thankfully,

I woke up on time

Not to witness my end.

But alas!

I woke up to a worse situation

Realising that the beings,

Once the cream

Are falling apart

As rapid as time is drifting away.


What have we done to humanity?

Man falls by the sword of another

While the rest watch in amusement.


No longer about love,

But how much there is to inherit.

Lives don’t matter

As long as ours,

Greed and lust,

Are satisfied.


The being,

Created in perfection

Has made itself imperfect,

Ignored His Agape love

And has gotten engulfed

In the den

Of the evil one

With all eyes open

But blinded by foolishness.


Is satisfying our lust

Worth eternal damnation?

Is money and power

Worth all the blood shed?

Is fame

Worth selling our souls?

Very expensive

Yet so cheap,

Is it worth it?


As dawn came,

The beautiful sun shone

But the ground,

Driven by its passion

To fulfill its evilness,

Was still cold,

As cold as we have become

After embracing the evil

Which has been beautified to good

And modified to normalcy.


We no longer find fulfilment

In the word

But in our minds.

We are so broken

But not willing to admit

As we must fit in

Even at the cost

Of our peace.


A Godless generation

Is what we have declared

As we are blinded by foolishness

And have succumbed

To the passions of our bodies

Not realising

That that

Is the tact of the evil one.



Is what we cause for Him

As He watches us

Tear down everything beautiful

To raise the ugly.

He cares

But do we?

He loves us

But do we?


Battle after battle,

He fights for us

But do we fight for Him?

Do we fight to please Him?

Castles we raise for shelter

Yet we have turned our hearts,

His only shelter,

Into emotionless cold stones.


Despite all these,

His arms are still wide open

But very few care

And even fewer of us

Will date give up the pleasure

For His love;

For His perfect Agape love.

How sad!

-Dayana Sylus



She watches you from a far,

Trying to test,

How suitable you are

To take away the loneliness

That she’s almost succumbed to,

And replace the emptiness

With love,

Friendship and understanding.


She wants to try,

Butt she’s afraid;

Not of rejection,

But of commitment;

Not to you,

But to the world

That has not been very friendly to her,

And has, in a way,

Rejected her.

She longs for it

But when she’s near,

She backs out.


Does love and commitment make you weak?

Does friendship lead to compromisation?

Is it worth it?

Are you not worth it?

You are but,

Is she?


She believes that maybe

She’s just not meant to get everything

Coz she’s tired:

Of fighting,

Looking in the wrong place,

Trusting the wrong ones,

And ending up hurt,

With a bleeding heart to clot

And a damaged soul to repair.


All she ever wanted was an apple,

Red and sweet

Or better

Green and sweeter;

But all she ever got

Was bile;

Dark and bitter.


She valued glass,

Not having realised

That it was not the gold

She had been searching for.

The glass broke her,

Tore her

And when she realised it,

The gold was already lost.



She’s hardening

But she doesn’t really want it.

All she wants is comfort,

And a place to rest her worries

But nobody seems sophisticated enough

To get that,

Or are you?


She’s letting it out

Not to the world,

But to you that deserves it

And now all she hopes

Is for you

To understand

And be what she needs.

-Dayana Sylus


Every time I close my eyes,

I can see it,

Feel it,

Breathe it,

Sense it,

Almost touch it.

Its only a hand – stretch away,

Yet so far.

Its easy to get it,

Yet the journey is as tough.


We want it,

I want it,

I crave it,

I need it,

But how do I get it?


I have fallen in love with it,

And it has taken over my brain,

My mind,

My soul.

I am attached to it,

For it has imprinted on me,

And I am out to get it.


I lose track at times,

But I rebounce soon.

I can taste its sweetness

But not completely,

For the bitterness I have to overcome

Is still at the tip of my tongue,

Ready to neutralise its sweetness,

But I will never

Not put up a fight,

For I know

That at the end of the day,

All the sweetness I will get,

Will be worth the fight.


In the darkness of challenges,

It gives me hope

And in the alley of confusion,

It redirects me.

In the emptiness of morale,

It gives me psyche

And in the pith of despair,

It rekindles my hope,

Gives me faith

And keeps my believe on track.


I want to get it,

But the obstacles are many.

The journey is tougher than I thought,

But in my defense,

I believe in miracles,

In dreams;

Not on a silver platter,

But I know they exist.



I know will not be by luck,

But what do I have to lose?

I will keep fighting,

Not to the end of the world,

But to eternity,

Until I get it,

And forever maintain it.

-Dayana Sylus



That’s all she has been.

Afraid of letting go,

Afraid of pain,

Afraid of never finding

What she desires,

Afraid that

Once she let’s go,

It will be the end.


I’ve always looked into heaven,

Desired to be what I was born to be,

What I was created for,

Be what He wants me to be,

But my imperfections hold me back

And every perfect I find,

There’s always a trap

From the spoiler.


She wants to let go,

Resolves to let go,

Vows to let go,

But her flesh is her weakness

As the cravings of her flesh

Are like poison

Running through her veins,

Killing her

Bit by bit.


I always see the trap,

But I don’t know how to stop.

Just like a tumour begins,

Mine seems to be in stage 3,

Almost incurable.

I know I shouldn’t

But how don’t I?


Every time she fails,

She tries again,

And again,

And again.

Time heals the wounds

Though the scars

Kill her deeper.

She knows for a fact

That only her maker

Can take away the cowardice

And the fear,

But at times

She just lacks the words,

The patience and perseverance

And falls into the mouth

Of the lion.


At times,

I wish all this could end.

That I could sleep

And wake up where I belong,

Not in this earth,

But with with My Father.


There’s peace and love,

What I desire most.


She loves you,

And although her actions fail,

Her heart still desires to please you.


Not really.

She’s just lost

In a world that

Cares for no one

But itself.


I need your help,

Your guidance,

Your protection,

Your purity coz

I am lost

And despite my hard trial,

I still can’t find a way

To remain as you want me.

So please help me;

Help me cut the rope,

And land safely

On my feet.

Dayana Sylus


I have tasted the world,

Gotten engulfed in the world,

Lived in the moment,

Enjoyed its pleasures,

Danced to its tunes,

Dived in the sea of my flesh:

But its sweetness:

Is bitter,

Its vile;

Not something I was created for,

Not something princesses do,

Not something that pleases dad,

Not something to be proud of,

Not something satisfying.


The pleasure lasts for seconds,

But the pain of guilt

Lasts for days.

The laughter is fake,

Because deep down you are dying,

Rotting away,

Breaking into tiny pieces.

The people are fake too;

Today they love you,

Tomorrow they don’t,

They only love your flesh,

Not you.


I have replayed my life

me a film, and

In pain I have watched,

As I destroyed ‘younger me’

As I let my flesh blind me.

As I let the world define me,

It was never worth it,

It will never be,

They will never be,

Though I thought so,



I found true love,

I found true pleasure,

I found peace in my soul,

I found grace,

I found mercy,

I found everlasting,

I found Christ.


His love:

Is like a river of gold,

Very hard to find,

Yet so precious

Not to find

Or to lose.

His mercy:

Is like a lake of diamonds,

Impossible to find in people,

Yet everlasting in Him,

As it never dries up.

His peace:

Is like a sea of gold and diamonds,

Very hard and impossible to find,

Yet the best if found and

So precious to ever let go,

Too painful to lose

And everlasting.


In Him you find:


You find the reason

You were created.

You find an:


Never ending,

Reckless love,

That you could never earn,

And don’t deserve

Yet you get.


He is the only one

Who is true.

From finding Him,

My laughter is now real,

The pleasure is everlasting,

No more pain of guilt

Or dying inside.

I feel at home.

In Him,

I live the princess

He created me to be.


His sweetness is:

Something to be proud of,

Something worth fighting for,

Something everlasting,

Something hard to find yet precious to lose,

Something impossible to find in man

And impossible for man to offer.


He is life,

So if you don’t have Him within,

Then you don’t have life:

You are dead yet alive

And are no better

Than a walking dead.

-Dayana Sylus